Topsys and Turvys - Number 2; P. S. Newell

Topsys and Turvys - Number 2; P. S. Newell

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A timeless classic, Topsys and Turvys Number 2 is the perfect interactive book for people of all ages. It's been 120 years since Peter Newell's enduringly popular Topsys and Turvys 2 the sequel to his bestselling Topsy and Turvys was first published in the United States. Using the same ingenious style and imagination, he invents worlds of confusion and fun as he transforms hunters into bears, has a buffalo converse with a tree frog, or creates and illustrates, pure nonsense. The story changes depending on if you are holding the action book upside-down or right-side-up. These beautiful classic books reproduce all of the brilliant color and charm of the originals, all while ensuring that Topsys and Turvys can be shared and enjoyed anew by future generations. Peter Newell (1862-1924) began his career as an artist drawing portraits, using crayons as his medium. In his fantastic humor, many believe, is the first appearance of the gentle humor of the absurd which The New Yorker has subsequently developed to such a high level. Tuttle Publishing has kept in print Newell's retro books for the new generation to enjoy a whimsical, thought-provoking look at life.

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