About Us

About Us

When the Celtic Tiger was just a kitten we sold books: new and second hand.

When the Millennium bug got busted; when the kindle tried to kill us; when the twin towers came down, we sold books: new and second hand.

When the Tiger died; the banks collapsed and all the world was in a state of chassis we went on - selling books: new and second hand

When America put a black man in the White House and made an Orange man its President, we sold books: new and second hand.

You can say we lack imagination but when the Coronavirus closed us down we took the time to go online to sell our books, which you'll find, are both new and second hand.

P.S. "Condition: As New" means the book is NOT second hand. It is in perfect condition.

About Us Too (Get it?)

Our website is still relatively new. There are currently more than three thousand titles on offer and we're adding new ones every day... but no crap. You won't find anything that is an insult to your intelligence; no ghost written celeb exposés; no Billy Whizz knock 'em dead business bibles; nothing that exploits, and nothing that glorifies twisted serial killers etc.

This is exactly how we filter the stock coming into our shop. Come and visit us there - Seven days a week, 11:00 till 18:30

About Us Three

But wait, that's not all, we have just over 5,000 more books on the Amazon and ABE platforms. Furthermore, whereas this website serves only the island of Ireland, what we have on Amazon and ABE is available worldwide. If you'd like anything from ABE or Amazon alongside something from our website please feel free to contact us.

The links below will bring you right to the books we have there: