Q: What condition are the books in?

A: Each book has a description of it's condition (most are "Condition: As New" which means they are in perfect condition).

Q: How do I know if a book is Hardback or Paperback

A: If the very first line of a books description says "Hardback" then it's a hardback. If the first line starts "Condition..." then it is a paperback.

Q: How much is delivery?

A: We post to Ireland, only Ireland, the whole island of Ireland. Postage costs €3.95. We also offer free postage on orders over €20.

Q: I can't find the book I'm looking for?

A: Unfortunately we can't stock every single book in the world... We're more of a "have a browse and find a book your didn't know you wanted" kind of bookshop!

Q: How long after I place my order will it be posted?

A: We bring the post to the post office every weekday. If you've ordered before 16:00, generally we'll post it that day, otherwise it'll be posted the following day.

Q: I'm getting a message saying my order can't be delivered to my address, but I live in Ireland. Why?

A: A small number of people have had an issue when they have tried to pay via Paypal they get this error message. In all instances when they've tried to pay with another payment option there has been no problem. We're working with Paypal on a fix for this issue, in the meantime if you have another way to pay, please try that and it'll work.