The Wrong Heroes; Eamon McGuinness (Salmon Poetry)

The Wrong Heroes; Eamon McGuinness (Salmon Poetry)

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The Wrong Heroes is the powerful debut collection from Dublin writer Eamon McGuinness. Exploring major themes such as illness, personal loss, grief, love and fatherhood, the poems move through various physical and emotional landscapes, from suburban Dublin to Paris, Rome, and Spain. The work has a firm international outlook while also examining domestic and intensely private issues. The heroes of the title are alluded to and constantly questioned while the poet's place in the world is interrogated through a series of life events, both big and small, all of which hold significant meaning for the writer - the death of a parent, the killing of a mouse, a neighbor complaining about weeds and sleepless nights with a new-born. The Wrong Heroes is a book of serious intent and marks the arrival of a distinct and mature voice.

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