The Rupert Annual

The Rupert Annual

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In this year's Rupert Annual, Rupert has many more adventures with a magical seashell, a goblin cobbler, paper birds that come to life... and much more! Enjoy a brand-new story 'Rupert and the Christmas Birds' originated and illustrated by Stuart Trotter plus much-loved favourite tales illustrated by John Harrold and Alfred Bestall.

* Rupert and the Boomerarrow
* Rupert and the Pepper-Rose
* Rupert and the Secret Shell
* Rupert and the Sundial
* Rupert and the Snow Puzzle
* Rupert and the Christmas Birds
* Rupert's Christmas Decorations
* Rupert and the Goblin Cobbler

In the charming new story Rupert and the Christmas Birds, Rupert and his chums are getting ready for their Christmas party. Rupert makes origami paper birds to decorate the tree. Little does he know, the paper is magical and the birds will come to life when they hear music playing...

The 82nd Rupert annual is packed with games, stories and instructions for making your own Christmas decorations! Plenty to keep children and Rupert lovers of all ages busy.


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