The Penalty King; Johnny Hubbard with David Mason

The Penalty King; Johnny Hubbard with David Mason

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Johnny Hubbard was a tricky little winger and a huge Rangers star, one of the last surviving members the great 50s side. Known as 'The Penalty King' in recognition of his record 65 goals from 68 spot kicks, one of his goals was described by Sir Alex Ferguson as 'easily the best I've ever seen!' Aged just 18 he swapped the sunshine of Pretoria for the grey streets of Glasgow, leaving behind the flames of apartheid for a land where another chasm ran deep through society - religious bigotry. Hubbard's story provides an insight into life through a golden era in Rangers' history, and he also recalls his time with Bury when he was almost drawn into the world of match-fixing. When Johnny gave up the game in 1964, he turned to community service and was rewarded for his good work with an Honorary MBE.

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