The Mammoth Book of The Rolling Stones; Edited by Sean Egan

The Mammoth Book of The Rolling Stones; Edited by Sean Egan

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This vainglorious introduction given to The Rolling Stones on stage by an excitable roadie was almost immediately accepted as a simple statement of fact. It was already evident that Mick Jagger, Keith Richards and Co. were, as their first manager Andrew Loog Oldham had claimed, a way of life .

The Stones defiance of convention made them the figureheads of a questioning new generation, and drove the Establishment to imprison them. This enduring rebel aura and the unmistakeable craft evident in classic records such as Satisfaction, Honky Tonk Women and Brown Sugar ensured subsequent generations of diehard fans, establishing the band as the biggest box office attraction the world has ever seen.

The Mammoth Book of The Rolling Stones provides a comprehensive collection of reviews, analysis, interviews and exposés both archive and contemporary, favourable and critical, concise and epic of these extraordinary cultural icons as they pass the astonishing milestone of 50 years as rock s pre-eminent band.

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