The Making of Mr Bolsover; Cornelius Medvei

The Making of Mr Bolsover; Cornelius Medvei

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NAME: Lynch, Andrew (b. 16.10.1958); a.k.a. 'Mr Bolsover'

CAREER: civil servant, librarian, columnist, local councillor, revolutionary

RECREATIONS: shooting squirrels, skinning rabbits, cooking with rats

ADDRESS: present whereabouts unknown; last sighted in South Downs woodland close to the A275

PROFESSIONAL INTERESTS: cataloguing systems, hermits, badger welfare, troglodytes, revolutionary politics

But a Who's Who entry can reveal only so much. Like all the great political lives - Churchill, Disraeli, Gladstone, Genghis Khan - Bolsover's is one of incident, drama and passion.

From the calm of Uckfield library to the demands of high office, a life on the run and a final confrontation with the authorities, The Making of Mr Bolsover is a moving, epic tale of a modern misfit and a political biography like no other.

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