The Horror in the Museum; H. P. Lovecraft

The Horror in the Museum: Collected Short Stories Vol 2; H. P. Lovecraft

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A wax museum in London boasts a new exhibit, which no man has seen and remained sane... A businessman is trapped in a train carriage with a madman who claims to have created a new and efficient method of capital punishment... A doctor plans a horrible revenge, using as his murder weapon an insect believed capable of consuming the human soul... Within these pages, some of H P Lovecraft's more obscure works of horror and science fiction can be found, including several fantastic tales from his celebrated Cthulhu Mythos. No true Lovecraft aficionado dare be without this volume.


  • The Green Meadow
  • Poetry and the Gods
  • The Crawling Chaos
  • The Horror at Martin’s Beach
  • Imprisoned with the Pharaohs
  • Two Black Bottles
  • The Thing in the Moonlight
  • The Last Test
  • The Curse of Yig
  • The Electric Executioner
  • The Mound
  • Medusa’s Coil
  • The Trap
  • The Man of Stone
  • The Horror in the Museum
  • Winged Death
  • Out of the Aeons
  • The Horror in the Burying-Ground
  • Till A’ the Seas
  • The Disinterment
  • The Diary of Alonzo Typer
  • Within the Walls of Eryx
  • The Night Ocean

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