The History of Ancient Asia; Meredith Macardle

The History of Ancient Asia; Meredith Macardle

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Asia is the home of magnificent ancient civilizations. From the ziggurats of Mesopotamia to the Indus Valley s carefully planned towns, from Hammurabi s first law code, to China s Han Dynasty, this fully illustrated book uncovers the oldest stories of the world s largest continent. The History of Ancient Asia encompasses Mesopotamia, Arabia and Turkey, across the continent to China and Japan, south to India and parts of Indonesia, and north to the steppes of Central Asia and the Arctic coast. This book includes all the major events, personalities, artistic and social developments from early populations through the rise of complex societies and the birth of major religions. Contents: West Asia: Early settlements; The first civilizations; Sumer; The first writing; Sumerian and Babylonian mathematics; The Akkadians; Assyria rises; The development of Judaism; Hammurabi s law-code; The 2nd Assyrian Empire; Conflict and trade; Persia rises; Greek influences; The Trojan War; Canaan and Jericho; Judea; Later Persian empires; Art and Literature; Alexander the Great; The Coming of the Romans; The birth of Jesus. South Asia: The Indus Valley; Harappan; The Vedic Era; Hinduism; The spread of Buddhism; India united; Jainism; The Golden Age of India; Art and Architecture; Sanskrit and S. Asian languages; Indian maths & zero; Indian influence in South and Southeast Asia. East Asia: Mythological rulers of China; Ancient dynasties; Confucianism; Chinese society; Daoism; The Art of War; The Chinese language; The Qin Dynasty; The Great Wall; The Terracotta Army; Han Dynasty; Silk; Early Chinese inventions; Chinese traditional medicine; Arts of the east; Ancient peoples; Jomon culture in Japan; Chinese influence; Early kingdoms of Japan; The Silk Road; The Polynesians. North Asia: Crossing the Bering Strait to America; Horsemen of the steppes.

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