The Great Gatsby; F. Scott Fitzgerald (VIVI Classics)

The Great Gatsby; F. Scott Fitzgerald (VIVI Classics)

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Midwesterner Nick Carraway rents a property on Long Island, where his rich and mysterious neighbor is Jay Gatsby, an elusive figure who remains in the shadows while others speculate about his past.

Nick helps reconnect Gatsby with his lost love Daisy Buchanan, now married and living tantalizingly close by. The rekindling of their passion has explosive ramifications, while the secrets of Gatsby's murky past are finally revealed.

Jay Gatsby seems to embody the American Dream, having risen from impoverished obscurity to enjoy the trappings of success. Fitzgerald reveals the hollowness at the heart of an unachievable fantasy, where disillusionment and tragedy lie close beneath the surface sheen of wealth and glamour.

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