The Gourmet Jewish Cookbook; Denise Phillips

The Gourmet Jewish Cookbook; Denise Phillips

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Through her books, columns and master-classes Denise Phillips has gained a reputation as the doyenne of Jewish cookery, and her enticing and stylish recipes are an original blend of the old and the new. Now, in her eagerly-awaited new book, she presents over 200 of the best of them from around the world, giving also the background and rich history of Jewish cuisine and customs over the centuries through which it has evolved. In this sense, Jewish cookery is arguably the first example of 'fusion' cooking, being a melange of the various local food and cooking customs of the countries that Jews have lived in and travelled through that are then adapted for Jewish dietary laws, holiday rituals and symbolism. Whether for entertaining with style, cooking for the family or providing the traditional dishes for the Jewish festivals, this book will prove indispensible...and you don't have to be Jewish to use and enjoy it!

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