The Food and Art of Azerbaijan; Khabiba Kashkay

The Food and Art of Azerbaijan; Khabiba Kashkay

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Hardback in slipcase

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Gathered here are over 170 tried and tested recipes from Azerbaijan's answer to Delia Smith. The recipes have a family cooking slant - and all recipes use ingredients that can be found easily in the UK. Azeri food is Turkic in origin, and so it is no surprise that many of the dishes featured are those that have already crossed the Mediterranean into our own homes. Azeri national dishes include meats and fish such as chicken, mutton and sturgeon, vegetables such as aubergines, sweet peppers and squashes, and fragrant herbs such as anise, dill and saffron. The author s favourite pickles and marinades are also featured, allowing a cook to absorb Azeri flavours into British cuisine too. Each chapter is helpfully arranged by season. At the beginning of each season Habisha introduces the cuisine with an extended essay about her country, and showcases modern Azeri art. Together this book forms a visual culinary journey to a land that many will never have eaten from.

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