The Day-By-Day Pregnancy Book

The Day-By-Day Pregnancy Book

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 This in-depth pregnancy guide will walk you through every day of your pregnancy from the moment of conception to the first two weeks of your newborn's life.

Count down every day of this precious journey with this pregnancy guide. It is packed with updated advice from medical experts to make you feel supported and informed during your pregnancy.

Becoming pregnant is a beautiful moment in any person's life, but we understand that it can be daunting too! This comprehensive pregnancy book is perfect for first-time parents, with everything from early foetal development to how your hormones prepare you for birth.

This week by week pregnancy book will show you how to keep healthy during pregnancy, what foods to avoid, how to exercise safely and how to navigate common concerns and prepare for complications. Fully updated medical advice and Q&As with experts and mums that will help put your mind at ease.

Day by day, detailed artworks and foetal images will show your baby's development with remarkable clarity. As you get closer to your due date, the book explores all the options available for your labour and birth so you can make the right choice with confidence. This insightful book also breaks down your delivery and the first 12 hours after childbirth. The day-by-day format continues for the first two weeks of life with your newborn baby.

Companion for Your Pregnancy Journey

The Day-by-day Pregnancy Book will be your pregnancy bible - every day. Count down your pregnancy with expert advice and clear and comprehensive answers to all your questions and concerns.

In the pages of this pregnancy guide, you'll find out:
- What a healthy pregnancy looks like.
- A breakdown of your pregnancy day by day from the first to the third trimester.
- Tips and tricks for labour and birth.
- How to manage the first two weeks with your newborn.
- A guide to common concerns and complications during pregnancy.

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