The Cuban Cigar Handbook

The Cuban Cigar Handbook

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The aficionado's guide to the best Cuban cigars in the world. Cuban cigars are as much an art form as a pleasure and this special collector's edition of the definitive guide to over 200 varieties of cigar will appeal to connoisseurs of the world's finest cigars. The Cuban Cigar Handbook is a detailed history of Cuban cigars, with short essays on celebrity cigar smokers (including Winston Churchill and Ernest Hemingway) and fascinating explorations of the roles of tobacco growers and cigar hand-rollers. This is an unrivalled guide to the brands of cigar that are available, along with tasting notes to help the reader fully experience the pleasures of a good cigar: From the Cohiba, Fidel Castro's personal favourite, to the Montecristo, a cigar inspired by Alexandre Dumas classic novel The Count of Monte Cristo; including H. Upmann's range, one of the oldest cigar brands in the world, and La Gloria Cubana's cigarillos; the Punch, the most popular cigar of Victorian Britain and Ramon Allone's hand-rolled cigars. The Cuban Cigar Handbook explains every element of cigar production, from the types of tobacco used and how they are rolled to advice on choosing your first humidor.

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