The Clash of Graffiti and Street Art; Christer Lofgren

The Clash of Graffiti and Street Art; Christer Lofgren (2 Volume Set)

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In this collection of photographs taken in over 36 countries, Christer Loefgren explores the international art of graffiti and wall paintings. From his base in Stockholm, Sweden, Loefgren travels to places where street art can be found, including places like the Antarctic, Greenland, and Svalbard, where you may not expect to see it. The book addresses the current duality of opinion about street art: it is still viewed as a criminal act in many places, and yet at the same time it is accepted as a valid and important art form. It crosses boundaries to unite communities all around the world. Organised in two sections, the first section of this book explores the methods and motivations behind the work, while the second section focuses on street art in specific countries around the world.

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