The Celts: An Illustrated History; Helen Litton

The Celts: An Illustrated History; Helen Litton

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'The Celts are terrifying in appearance. They are tall, with moist white flesh; their hair is naturally blond ... They wear amazing clothes: tunics dyed in every colour. .. They are boasters and threateners and yet they are quick of mind. They have also lyric poets whom they call Bards and certain philosophers, whom they call Druids ... .' Diodorus Siculus (First century BC) Who were these terrifying and yet fascinating people? Can we step back thousands of years and meet them face-to-face? In Celts: An Illustrated History Helen Litton explores Celtic Europe, Britain and Ireland - from the 8th century BC to the 5th century AD - with a particular focus on Ireland, the last bastion of the Celtic world. From Julius Caesar writing on the Celts to reconstructed Celtic dwellings, strange bog bodies, exotic archaeological finds, Celtic gods, the cult of the human head and the beauty of La Tene Celtic art, numerous illustrations, photographs and quotations paint a captivating and surprising picture. Told in a clear and informative style, Celts: An Illustrated History is a concise introduction to a mysterious and often misinterpreted period of history.

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