The Book of Totality; Yun Wang (Salmon Poetry)

The Book of Totality; Yun Wang (Salmon Poetry)

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Physicist-poet Yun Wang's superb second collection gives us both intricacy and the cosmos writ large. Wrenching stories of her family's oppression during the Cultural Revolution are woven together with invocations to the poets Li Bai and Su Dong Po, to Star Trek and to Mahler. Along the way, we travel with the poet through the galaxy, confront the time-space continuum, and spend time with a cat who may be a cousin to Schrodinger's. "We curve in the curved space," the poet tells us, and indeed The Book of Totality offers us a universe vivid and liquid, through tales both wrenching and joyous. Wang has been a professor of Physics and Astronomy at the University of Oklahoma since 2000. "Wang combines her physics knowledge with poetry to create this collection full of gorgeous descriptions and deep understanding of the universe."--World Literature Today

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