The Book of Shakespearian Useless Information; Bruce Montague

The Book of Shakespearian Useless Information; Bruce Montague

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'This book is loosely based on the lost journals that William Shakespeare never wrote, describing his life and times in chronological order and the subsequent Bardolatry that encompasses the civilized world ...' Sales of Shakespeare's works are second only to the Bible. In common with the Holy Book, little is known about the writer and the few facts that have emerged over the course of several hundred years are largely speculative. In this entertaining but hugely informative book, the reader will discover: - Why the theatre is called 'The Theatre' - Why in the theatre, the expression 'the ghost walks' means it is pay day - Why at the last minute Shakespeare scratched out his son-in-law's name from his will ...- ...and left his second-best bed to his widow - Why intervals were unexpectedly introduced into theatrical performances - Why Shakespeare's father lost his position as Mayor of Stratford - How the Box Office got its name - Why the poorer Tudors painted their teeth black - Why Shakespeare himself had to play Lady Macbeth on its first performance And a great deal more besides.A distinguished actor of many years' standing, Bruce Montague is also the co-author of The Book of Royal Useless Information.

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