The Bike-Owner's Handbook; Peter Drinkell

The Bike-Owner's Handbook; Peter Drinkell

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Two wheels, two pedals, a seat and some handlebars - the bicycle is a beautifully simple means of transport, and its simplicity has allowed it to enjoy a soaring resurgence of popularity in urban areas, as millions embrace its speed, efficiency, and yes, its aesthetic. The Bike-Owner's Handbook is a beautiful little guide for all the millions of bicycle-commuters who just want to know the basics of repairing and maintaining their bikes, without having to immerse themselves in a vast and complicated technical manual. With sumptuous black and white photography and clear, but warm illustrations, it provides step-by-step explanations to repairing a puncture, adjusting brakes and gears, cleaning a bike and basic maintenance. An appendix at the back of the book provides cycling inspiration and tips from some of the big names in the field. An app of the book will be released towards the end of 2012, and QR codes at the end of each chapter will allow readers to link their iPhones directly to instructional YouTube videos illustrating the repairs step by step.

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