Spliffs 3, The Last Word in Cannabis Culture?; Tom Pilcher

Spliffs 3, The Last Word in Cannabis Culture?; Tom Pilcher

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Reprising the success of 'Spliffs' and 'Spliffs 2', this book offers yet more information and entertainment for the `budding' cannabis enthusiast.

In this volume there are chapters on religion and the herb (including the African tribe who not only smoke weed ceremonially but also roll giant joints in order to smoke bees out so that they can retrieve honey from the nests!), the struggle to get the drug legalised around the world, and an in depth look at the films that have glorified the drug over the years.

A largely pictorial section (Skins and Things) take a trip through the array of rolling papers of the past and present and a look at their cultural significance from peace symbols of the Sixties to the smiley faces of acid house Nineties.

While the section called `A Smoker's Life for Me' is for the smoker who wishes to devote their life completely to the demon weed - from dressing in the morning wearing hemp fashions, through eating hemp pasta at lunch while writing a letter on hemp paper, to having a hemp beer or champagne in the evening with friends!

Feature spreads intersperse the narrative on topics such as Marijuana and Art, Cannabis Etiquette and the tongue-in-cheek `How to be a Drug Smuggler'.

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