Sharing Darwin; Sabine Wichert (Salmon Poetry)

Sharing Darwin; Sabine Wichert (Salmon Poetry)

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"As the clouds re-form, / I play with their mirror-image/ of memory, ripple their grey/ on grey with the slightest touch/ of my hand". Sabine Wichert was born in West Prussia and grew up and was educated in West Germany. She teaches at Queen's University, Belfast, and was a long-time member of the Arts Council of Northern Ireland. Her first collection, Tin Drum Country, was also published by Salmon. Her poetry links her adopted town of Belfast with her European experience. It spans a lifetime of family, friends, and upbringing. Many of the poems in this, her second collection, explore American settings and themes, including Shenandoah Park, Chincoteague, Washington D.C., and Colonial Williamsburg.

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