Sadie and the Sadists; Paul Muldoon

Sadie and the Sadists; Paul Muldoon

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Paul Muldoon is widely considered the greatest living poet of his generation. A former professor of poetry at Oxford, and once poetry editor of The New Yorker, Muldoon's influence on poetry since his debut is incalculable. At once playful, profoundly literate, pop savvy and allusive to the max, his poetry has tens of thousands of readers and fans worldwide. Any new collection of this Pulitzer-winner is an event.

This particular pamphlet is beautifully designed, printed on high-stock paper, with a proper spine, and an ultra-cool cover. It  features 19 song lyrics - zany, witty, brilliant, sometimes startling - by the master poet, songs played by his band, Rogue Oliphant.

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