Remembering Wexford; Nicky Rossiter

Remembering Wexford; Nicky Rossiter

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In the final instalment of what might be called his Wexford Quartet, Nicky Rossiter sets about Remembering Wexford, and adds to his personal recollections with some well-researched instances of reports from public bodies in the past that reflect the lives of people in Wexford a century ago. In this book your own memories will be stirred, but you will also learn about the activities of playschemes; how the posters for the Cinema Palace were produced; how Arabs possibly produced your dance tickets; how we used be 'perishing'; who Hoss and Mensa were, and who measured you for a suit in Hipps. Add to these the wonderful photographs from Dominic Kiernan and John Scanlon, which complement those from the author's own collection and more from the O'Connor collection, and you have another book to treasure, dip into, use for bets and most importantly, to enjoy.

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