Plays And How to Produce Them; David Carter

Plays And How to Produce Them; David Carter

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Taking the readerthrough the production of a play step by step, from setting up a drama group toopening night and through anentire run, thisbook can be read straight through or consulted as a handy reference.All aspects of starting a drama group are explored, including financing, organizing, attracting members, choosing a director, choosing plays, auditions, casting, stage management, lighting, sound, costumes, props, set design, advertising, first nights, and last nights. Additional sections deal with special concerns and interests such as producing plays in the open air, school productions, producing plays with non-English speakers, expatriate productions, plays without scripts, andproducing Shakespeare and Brecht. Other helpful features include sample rehearsal schedules, sample plans for blocking scenes, andexcerpts and quotes from leading drama practitioners."

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