Jezebel, Portraits of a Queen; Patricia Dutcher-Walls

Jezebel, Portraits of a Queen; Patricia Dutcher-Walls

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Condition: Bottom right front corner badly bumped, otherwise very good.

Powerful. Assertive. Evil. What we know of Jezebel, queen of Israel, seems pure malevolence. What we know is what ancient writers, in their attempt to shape a theological history, considered important. More than just an intriguing story, Jezebel: Portraits of a Queen provides insight into a character used (and portrayed) by biblical writers as a negative example. Two portraits of Jezebel are created: that of Jezebel the story character, taken from narrative criticism, and Jezebel the queen, drawn from a sociological study. From two combined portraits, the reader can begin to understand the ancient writers' worldviews, theologies, values, and loyalties. Jezebel's story gives readers a new perspective with which they may approach all biblical texts.

The focuses on social organization and monarchy will help students study the text within a framework of biblical society.

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