Gender and Sexuality in Ireland; Edited by John Gibney

Gender and Sexuality in Ireland; Edited by John Gibney (Irish Perspectives)

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The history of sexuality in Ireland remains relatively understudied when compared with the more well-worn paths of political and military history, but that is not to say that it has never been considered. Now, in the fourth installment of the 'Irish perspectives' collaboration between Pen and Sword and _History Ireland_, a range of experts explore Irish history from the perspective of the broad concept of sexuality, in both theory and practice. From the legalities that defined gender roles in the middle ages and early modern periods, to women's role in political life and civil society, _Sexuality and Ireland_ provides a comprehensive overview of the nation's understanding and relationship with sexuality and patriarchy. Population change, prostitution, incarceration, infanticide, abortion and homophobia are all considered alongside attempts to impose - and ignore - Catholic morality in independent Ireland. Struggles for women's rights and reproductive rights, the culture wars of the 1980s, and Irish people simply trying to have good sex lives, the essays gathered here cast light on aspects of Ireland's past that are often overlooked in more mainstream narratives of Irish history.

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