Galway City Through Time; Brendan McGowan & Tanya Williams

Galway City Through Time; Brendan McGowan & Tanya Williams

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Galway, the capital of Connacht, lies at the mouth of the River Corrib, on the north-east shore of the beautiful Galway Bay on the west coast of Ireland. Founded by the de Burgh family in the early thirteenth century, Galway was an Anglo- Norman colony within a Gaelic hinterland. A walled town developed and, under the control of fourteen merchant families (the Tribes of Galway), prospered as a result of trade links with the continent. Galway has changed dramatically in recent decades but has still managed to retain much of its historic character. Today, it is a modern and thriving city, and a centre of culture, learning and industry. Galway City Through Time combines archive and contemporary images with informative captions to tell the story of this remarkable city and its people.

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