Ecologist Guide to Food; Andrew Wasley

Ecologist Guide to Food; Andrew Wasley

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We are what we eat...The Ecologist has set the agenda on food issues for more than 40 years. Through powerful reportage including undercover investigations comment and analysis, plus practical guides to ethical purchasing and growing your own, along with profiles celebrating innovation and championing food pioneers, this globally respected environmental icon has covered all things food-related in a way few other publications could or would. Continuing the Ecologists reputation of challenging established thinking, the Ecologist Guide To Food is essential reading for anyone interested in knowing the truth behind the packaging and finding out what can be done to counter some of the problems inherent in food production today. Drawing from a unique archive of coverage and using much new material, we delve behind the labels to investigate the often-unpalatable truth about many of the foodstuffs we consume each day. We also look at the alternatives, giving a voice to some of those going against the grain to produce food that is good for us and the planet.

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