Echobeat; Joe Joyce

Echobeat; Joe Joyce

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Christmas, 1940. France is under German control, Britain is in danger and the United States has yet to join the war. Ireland has succeeded in staying neutral so far. But rumours about a British troop build-up in the North stoke fears that Ireland is facing an invasion. And Germany s bombing of Dublin suggests Berlin is trying to send a message, but the meaning is unclear. Paul Duggan and his colleagues in G2, the intelligence unit of the Irish army, have to decipher Germany s intentions fast. Meanwhile, Duggan is also running an undercover operation spying on German fliers interned in Ireland. Planned as a routine operation, it is anything but . . . Echobeat is the second book in the Echoland Trilogy, which features Duggan, his Special Branch friend Peter Gifford, and a cast of political and intelligence operators in Ireland during the treacherous days of the Second World War.

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