Early Modern Dubliners; Maighréad Ní Mhurchadha

Early Modern Dubliners; Maighréad Ní Mhurchadha

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Dublin City has a remarkable collection of historical documents, many of which are under the care of Dublin City Council. The author has drawn on the contents of these and other records to tell the stories of a few of Dublin's residents during the Renaissance period. Despite many difficulties, including plague, riots, the threat of war and serious religious differences, the citizens combined to maintain a spirit of independence, a belief in the importance of their city and a strong sense of community, often using unorthodox means to achieve their ends and, occasionally, even managing to enjoy themselves!

Maighréad Ní Mhurchadha is a native of Dublin City and an active local historian who has contributed to several journals. She is author of The customs and excise service in Fingal 1684-1765: sober, active and bred to the sea (1999) and Fingal, 1603-60: contending neighbours in North Dublin (2005). She has also edited The vestry records of the united parishes of Finglas, St. Margaret's, Artane and the Ward 1657-1758 (2007). Her interests include the social history of Dublin City and County in the Early Modern period and the history of sport.

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