Early Medieval Ireland 431-1169; Matthew Stout

Early Medieval Ireland 431-1169; Matthew Stout

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Ireland looms large in European history just after the fall of the Roman Empire. This book provides an `entry-level' narrative to this period in Irish history. At the same time, it contextualizes the artistic, literary, and architectural achievements of the age. The tradition in Early Medieval Irish studies has been to examine the past in thematic rather than chronological terms; the sources almost demand this. As such, existing publications neglect a holistic approach in favor of specific themes. Politics is rarely incorporated with church history; art and archaeology remain distinct; law and literature remain un-contextualized either in time or place. So, this book contains extracts from primary sources and illustrations that make this golden age glow for its readers, and it is full of colorful maps and photographs. Deploying a historical synthesis in the spirit of the Annales School, it is a `one-stop shop' for the history of Early Medieval Ireland, for students and the general reader. "Matthew Stouts scholarly and immensely readable new book 'Early Medieval Ireland 431-1169' reminds us just how important Ireland was to Europe and to civilization after the collapse of the Roman Empire. Superbly illustrated and riveting throughout, Stouts book is an ideal introduction to the history of Early Medieval Ireland that will delight both students and the general reader."--Irish Voice

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