Country Girl, A Memoir; Edna O'Brien

Country Girl, A Memoir; Edna O'Brien

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The publication of Edna O'Brien's memoir is a major literary event. O'Brien was born in Ireland in 1930, and her brilliant debut novel, The Country Girls, was banned there upon it's publication in 1960. Since the she has created a body of work which bears comparison with the best writing of the twentieth century.

In Country Girl we come face to face with a life of high drama and contemplation. And along the way there are encounters with Hollywood giants, pop stars and literary titans - all of whom lend this life, so gorgeously, sometimes painfully remembered here, a terrible poignancy.

In prose which sparkles with the effortless gifts of a master, Edna O'Brien has recast her life with the imaginative insight of a poet. This is a book of unfathomable depth and honesty.

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