Bad Mask; Jon Chad

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A multimedia tactile reading experience that explores a struggle between superheroes and supervillians as it's never been done before.

A young girl named Gaby has joined a superpowered terrorist organization called Bad Mask... eternally struggling against the world's savior, a super-intelligent robot named Metal Metro. But what if Metal Metro isn't all he seems to be? And what if Bad Mask isn't what Gaby expects either?

Readers will explore the world and the mystery of Bad Mask in a way rarely seen before. A boxed narrative consisting of newspapers, magazines, comic books, trading cards, digital files, and more, it will be up to the reader to follow Gaby on her mission of discovery, and get to the bottom of Bad Mask.

From the mind and hands of indie comics superstar Jon Chad comes a multi-media storytelling experience unlike anything you've ever read before.

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