Army Camp! 30 Postcards... That Do Ask and Do Tell!

Army Camp! 30 Postcards... That Do Ask and Do Tell!

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This title offers a riotous introduction to the unintentionally homoerotic side of military life. These classic images date from the years 1914 to 1946, when armies everywhere were crying out for fit, toned men to join up, bond together and make the world a better place. The innuendo is rife, from McClelland Barclays 1942 Navy recruitment poster, Cadets for Naval Aviation take that something extra...Have you got it? to H. Prices Tom of Finland-esque cartoon sailor, stripped to his boxers and whose Regular check ups keep him on the job. "Cannon Towels" 1944 magazine campaigns showed U.S. soldiers smiling, laughing, naked, enjoying communal bathing and generally camping it up across the globe, from Alaska to the South Pacific. Its so happy youd hardly believe there was a war on! But regardless of whether these images are intentionally camp, or simply a reminder of more innocent times, this collection of smart, young men in uniform is certain to have everyone standing to attention.

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