An A-Z of The Occult; Simon Cox and Mark Foster

An A-Z of The Occult; Simon Cox and Mark Foster

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'The knowledge of the hidden' - that is the meaning of the Latin occultus, from which we take our modern phrase 'the occult'. Why is it that this subject stirs up so much controversy? Is the answer present in that very definition: the idea that studies into the occult are pushing at the very boundaries of human knowledge? In this simple-to-follow A to Z guide, you will discover the details of both studies into the occult and the truth about occultists, who, from the earliest times in history, have attempted to remove the veil that shrouds 'the knowledge of the hidden'. This book covers such topics as: What were the world's greatest occultists, including Plato, Nostradamus, Isaac Newton and William Blake, searching for; What are the true origins of alchemy; What secret knowledge is concealed within the tarot deck; Was the infamous Aleister Crowley really 'the wickedest man in the world'; and, did the Ancient Egyptians believe in magic? Simon Cox and Mark Foster guide you along the pathways of the occult and attempt to bring the hidden into full view.

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