Am I A Feminist? Are You?; Mary Kenny

Am I A Feminist? Are You?; Mary Kenny

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In Ireland in 1970, a woman couldn't buy contraceptives, sit on a jury, keep her job in the public service or a bank when she got married, or collect her children's allowance. Mary Kenny was a founder-member of the Irish Women's Liberation Movement and has seen many shifts, changes and developments in women's rights and the definition of feminism. Wise, witty, thought-provoking and provocative, Am I A Feminist? Are You? sums up a lifetime of experience. Part testament, part memoir, part historical explanation this is a personal appraisal of what feminism has meant, accomplished and prompted over the past five decades. There is light and shade: serious debates about serious subjects, from FGM and abortion to women soldiers and transgenderism but also entertaining vignettes and anecdotes on the role of the bicycle, hair dye, and the sex revolution.

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