A History of The French Revolution; E. D. Bradby

A History of The French Revolution; E. D. Bradby

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When picturing the infamous French Revolution most of us think of the guillotine, the mass execution, the terror. E.D. Bradby shows us the other side to the rebellion: the grand ideas. Libert, galit, fraternit. Bradby's portrayal of figures like Robespierre, who had come to be viewed as a butcher, but who started out as a patriot, are fair and full of nuance. Likewise, King Louis and Marie Antoinette are written not as innocent victims nor as cruel tyrants, but as flawed people making difficult choices. The revelation for any reader, A History of the Revolution focuses on the potential for friend to turn against friend, and helps transform the revolutionaries from grim caricatures back into real men. Through this work Bradby shows us the legacy fo the French Revolution and its lasting impact on modern society.

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