100 Days That Changed The World: The Coronavirus Wars; Barry O'Halloran

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How will The Great Pandemic of 2020 be remembered?

What happened in China that caused a highly infectious disease to spread to every country in the world in a matter of weeks?

Did those who were supposed to protect us from the contagion fulfil their duties - or did they fail to rise to the challenge?

When political rhetoric collided with the grim reality, why did we have to resort to the sort of drastic lockdown measures that were used in the Middle Ages?

In this searing accounts of the origins and impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, Barry O'Halloran exposes the extraordinary sequence of events that has led to death, suffering, and economic devastation on a global scale.


About the author: Barry O'Halloran has worked as an investigative television journalist with the Irish state broadcaster, RTE. One of his investigations - into a mother falsely accused of murdering her baby - led to a book, Lost Innocence: the Inside Story of the Kerry Babies Mystery.

He later founded a digital communications company working in real-time financial information services with Reuters, Dow Jones Telerate and Thompson Financial. He has degrees in Economics and Politics, and in French and Renaissance Studies.

More recently (2017), he was awarded a Ph.D. in Classics at Trinity College Dublin. His book, The Political Economy of Classical Athens: a naval perspective, was published by Brill in 2019. For the past two years he has been a Visiting Research Fellow at Trinity College Dublin. Barry lives in Dublin.

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