The Love Poems; W.B. Yeats

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This Collection of Yeat's love poetry closely follows the changing tides of his life - beginning with his youthful, romantic idealism and following his rejection of Maude Gonne and disillusionment into middle age.

Yeat's comments on his loves in later life are particularly evocative and provide deeply moving portraits of people and places. They combine much of the beauty he created and imparted to the Celtic Revival with his later outspoken, sardonic treatment of sexuality. Right up to his death his love poems reflect the developing mind of a genius, still capable of remaking himself, his image and his ideas with compelling immediacy.

Professor A. Norman Jeffares is widely recognised as the world's foremost authority on Yeats. His incomparably informed introduction and illuminating notes set the love poetry clearly into the framework of Yeat's life and times, friends and lovers, art and inspirations.

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