Strings of Pearls, A Collection of Poems

Strings of Pearls, A Collection of Poems

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While having fun with Washing Lines: A collection of poems, Barbara and Janie discovered they have many other things in common, including an interest in all things precious, semi-precious and sparkly. This is a book of poems inspired by that sparkle and the specialness of jewels and jewellery, and the emotions they arouse and represent. Jewellery means many things and doesn't have to be precious. A ring is the sign of eternal love, a string of pearls could be a string of memories and moments. It is a collection of over 50 poems ranging from an engraving on a 17th century watchcase, through nursery rhymes to contemporary poets such as T S Eliot, Gillian Clarke, Carol Ann Duffy, James Fenton, Helen Dunmore and Kathleen Jamie. There are also more than a dozen black and white illustrations as diverse as a wood engraving by Harry Brockway, a 15th century engraved manuscript and Alice Patullo's Pearly King and Queen. Every culture since time immemorial has understood the importance of jewellery, whether plain or precious, so this book will not only appeal to poetry lovers but also to anyone who has ever treasured a piece of jewellery for whatever reason.

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